The issues we cover, by opening this black box, are:

The role of the modern CFO is becoming more and more important. This requires a CFO to be broadly involved in various functions of the company. However, one key operation in the company is often still a black box: Marketing. 

We view marketing as an investment
That is why we call ourselves MiM: Marketing Investment Management. With every investment you typically look at your results, ROI, risks, governance, compliance. Do you also review these for your marketing investments?   

We do
By looking at all these issues, analysing them, making recommendations and operationally improving them. The main question is: is the money well spent? Well spent in the sense of effectiveness, efficiency, risk, transparency, governance, compliance, control and brand safety. 

Marketing Communications, (social) media, promotion, advertising, sponsoring, SEA, POP-materials, flyers, PR. Many different terminologies are used. We know it is not right but for the sake of simplicity we just call it Marketing or MarCom.

We don’t just advice, we get it done.