We already perform media audits. Why do we need MiM?

Media audits are of course only a part of the total marcom pie. Normally these audits are only performed on offline media and more specifically only market conformity of buying results by media agencies. In addition, a lot of conclusions and or recommendations are not implemented in practice.

These do not cover digital media, creative agencies, PR, sponsoring, folders, POP, printing, distribution content suppliers, DTP amongst others.

Moreover, they do not cover hidden financial flows or the remuneration of your offline media agency. These audits cover a just small percentage of what MiM is checking.

What does MiM need?

Commitment of and entrance to one board member on C-level and a liaison officer, while of course being provided with relevant documentation.

At the start of the process, we do not take any time of the marketing department (yet). We look at the ledger, invoices, estimates, installed processes, organization chart, marcom supplier-set and the suppliers growth rate per annum historically, including the concerned invoices and contracts. 

Marketeers don’t have to be the bad guys, because they need these suppliers every day in their operations.

Which kind of marketing suppliers does MiM analyse and audit?

All kind of marketing suppliers. Advertising agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, SEA and SEO agencies, social media agencies, below-the-line-agencies, brand activation agencies, PR agencies, sponsoring agencies and deals, reputation management agencies, research agencies. Apart from this the total supplier set is analysed for double work and efficiency and evaluated. 

How much are normal savings?

In practice MiM saves 20-40% of the total marcom budget (FTEs excluded) for companies spending more than 20 million euros per year, with good marketeers and procurement departments, both not exactly knowing, where to look.

How about existing relationships with suppliers?

MiM does not take the place of the marketing department or its external advisers. 

We do not want to break up existing relationships. We do want the organisation to capitalize on them.

While not being our preferred route, we help performing a pitch for the account. In the last years we only guided and performed pitches once or twice.

How confidentially is information handled?

Because these are delicate matters, NDAs are always put in place.

Prior to the engagement internal and external parties will be involved.

All communication will be centrally directed to the involved persons, approved by you.

Your services are quite comprehensive. Is it possible to hire MiM only for a part of the total marketing operation and marketing spend?

We are client driven and will always see if this is feasible. We have to take into account the fact that sometimes it is difficult to isolate issues. For instance, transparency, governance and compliance are closely interconnected with efficiency and effectiveness.

We will listen to your questions and wishes and will come up with a tailor-made solution and way of working, considering this is the desirable route and if we think it is fit.

We view marketing as an investment 
That is why we call ourselves MiM: Marketing Investment Management. With every investment you typically look at your results, ROI, risks, governance, compliance. Do you also review these for your marketing investments?   

We do 
By looking at all these issues, analysing them, making recommendations and operationally improving them. The main question is: is the money well spent? Well spent in the sense of effectiveness, efficiency, risk, transparency, governance, compliance, control and brand safety. 

Marketing Communications, (social) media, promotion, advertising, sponsoring, SEA, POP-materials, flyers, PR. Many different terminologies are used. We know it is not right but for the sake of simplicity we just call it Marketing or MarCom.

We don’t just advice, we get it done.