CFO FMCG company: 

“I thought our media agency was an objective adviser. Now I have learned that they are traders and market makers. Selling media inventory and packages for which they receive kickbacks. There are hidden financial streams. I was amazed by the size of these and by the fact that these (still) exist”.

CEO and CFO energy company:

“We thought hiring MiM was a good idea, to be sure everything was in order with our marketing function, because it was really a black box for which in the end we are responsible. Although they saved (only) 10%, we were happy to learn marketing met the standards on governance, compliance, risk and transparency. This second opinion was really a reassurance for us. And now marketing is not a black box anymore.”

CFO retailer: 

"For me marketing has always been a black box. MiM arranged marketing transparency while providing a good insight in efficiency, effectiveness, governance and risk, to name a few. The fact that they saved more than 30% is a beautiful collateral result which has been directly reinvested into marketing.”

CCO service provider: 

“I understood some of my colleagues in boards of other companies find saving 20-30% on marketing collateral. I would have also hired MiM if not just for these savings. Together with my colleague CFO we used the money for more marketing power, resulting in higher marketing results and revenue growth.”

CEO beer company:

”MiM analysed the whole marketing operation, specifically the supplier contracts. And for us even more specific all sponsor deals. My predecessors have put enormous amounts of our budgets in sponsoring. MiM has analyzed and presented the results and renegotiated the contracts for the coming years.”

CFO retailer: 

”Flyers have always been an important part of marketing in retail. Not only did I learn that they become less effective, but there are a lot of factors impacting this. Moreover, MiM made the process of creation and production faster and more agile, while requiring less people and money involved than before. And also, they optimized the revenue from our own online and offline media exploitation.”

CFO bank:

“I was a bit ashamed to ask for a second opinion. Now I have learned that this is so complex and difficult to trace, even our procurement and marketing department didn’t exactly know in detail where we lost money in the process. You need very specific experience to find everything out. MiM has always safeguarded these departments by saying this. Naturally it is better if a butcher does not inspect his own meat.”

CLO entertainment company:

“I was never involved in the legal side of marketing contracts. MiM taught us where and how to look regarding rights issues, data, and brand safety.”

CFO IT company:

”After the marketing due diligence MiM advised to insource certain parts of marcom. Next to the fact that it saved us money, it made that part of the process transparent and agile.”

We view marketing as an investment 
That is why we call ourselves MiM: Marketing Investment Management. With every investment you typically look at your results, ROI, risks, governance, compliance. Do you also review these for your marketing investments?   

We do 
By looking at all these issues, analysing them, making recommendations and operationally improving them. The main question is: is the money well spent? Well spent in the sense of effectiveness, efficiency, risk, transparency, governance, compliance, control and brand safety. 

Marketing Communications, (social) media, promotion, advertising, sponsoring, SEA, POP-materials, flyers, PR. Many different terminologies are used. We know it is not right but for the sake of simplicity we just call it Marketing or MarCom.

We don’t just advice, we get it done.