All of our experts are tried and tested nationally and internationally in the triangle of clients, agencies and media.  

Hans Germeraad 

Hier staat motto

Founder of MiM. Has over 30 years of experience in media and marketing as well as on the exploitation side of both media companies and media agencies. Was CEO (locally and in EMEA) and international (executive) board member of various agencies. He oversees global and regional contracts of marketing suppliers. 

George Bohlander

Hier staat motto

Founder of MiM. Has over 30 years of experience in advertising and media (amongst others for a big retailer) and CEO of big media agencies. Was director of the Institute for Media Auditing and initiator of independent media research. Is good in benchmarking results of offline media spend and the ways to get best ROI.

Ferenc Varga

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Started in media at a TV and radio broadcasting company. Then he went over to the agency side and worked there for over 25 years. He knows exactly how media (and ad) agencies work, where they make their money, how processes and agreements can be made transparent and how to save cost and get the best effectiveness. Online and offline. His experience ranges from AV and trading to business development and concept development.

Klaartje Kuypers


More than 25 years of experience. Started in an advertising agency, went over to media agencies. She moved to media companies, broadcasting and online. Knows exactly what agreements are made between media companies and (media) agencies. And how processes are run and where flaws are and how to solve them.

Paul Lempers


Over 30 years of experience in marketing in the broadest way. As CMO and marketing director in different companies he learned exactly how to create transparent and compliant ways of working in marketing departments as well as with suppliers. Nowadays he has developed a keen understanding of everything which is digital in marketing and media. 

Frans Blanchard



Michel van Honk

”Treat everybody with respect, not only the ones you want to impress.”

Over 30 years of experience in marketing, communications and media, mostly as CEO and supervisory board member. Believes in strength of teams and processes and diversity of teams and team building. Was co-founder of the Centre for Brand and Communication and member of Effie Juries.

Competencies: Marketing in the broadest sense, leadership, teambuilding, entrepreneurship.

Felix van der Houwen

“During the renovation, the sales continues.”

Over 30 years of (international) experience in large companies, advertising and media agencies. As director, CEO, founder and as supervisory board member. Always looks at the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing spend. But always in a transparent and compliant way.

Competencies: strategy, business creativity, marketing, finance

Patrick van der Ploeg

“Look how it can be done.”

Over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship and large companies. As founder, member of the board and CEO. A lot of experience with growth strategies and M & A.

Competencies: Commerce, creativity, business coach, finance.

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